Clients will be able to produce and BROADCAST events from a studio with a combination of on-site and remote presenters with an on-site crew. These broadcasts will not have an in-person audience and will be delivered out via various webcasting options that give the end client multiple options for security, paywall integration and sharing.

You can choose from a fully virtual green screen set, an extended reality LED set or a more traditional set design. Webcast from your own facility, rented space, LMG convention center partner locations or one of LMG’s studio spaces located in Orlando or Las Vegas.

Virtual Studio/Green Screen Set:

Produce an immersive presentation from a virtual reality environment with your content through green screen or digital virtual environments. We achieve this by incorporating camera tracking and real-time content rendering driven by the Ross Voyager media server. There are many options available for virtual sets, both off-the-shelf and completely custom 3D designs.

Extended Reality Set:

Present from a physical set comprised of an LED background and LED floor giving the presenters a grounded, tangible experience but with extended reality capabilities to enhance the viewer experience. Camera tracking provides the proper perspective for the graphic content in the background to line up with the live shot. The virtual set can be extended beyond the physical LED wall and floor to provide an endlessly expansive environment.

Traditional Set:

Broadcast your event from a more traditional environment with physical items like chairs, tables and podiums. All of the scenic and display elements you are accustomed to are available from high resolution LED, projection, scenic elements, large monitors, touch screens and lighting combined with virtual and remote engagement capabilities.

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