The next evolution beyond a studio broadcast will be more of a hybrid event that now includes a live audience and additional production value in the form of scenic elements, additional audio and PA, lighting, staging, projection and LED. Presenters will be on-site and can still include remote speakers with the on-site audience, remote viewers, an on-site crew with the potential for remote crew support.

The venue options will also be broader and will not rely on dedicated or temporary studios. Events will take place in hotels, convention centers and other large venues. Clients will be able to produce an event with a more traditional workflow that will focus on both the live attendee experience and the remote attendee experience in equal measure. The EVENTCAST will offer a richer virtual environment and will be streamed out to both individual attendees and to other venues that have dedicated audio-visual support to accommodate larger gatherings of people that are not in the same location as the primary live event.

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